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The year is 17. The location, bottom of the electromagnetic ocean; Silicon Valley, USA.

PhiSony and MatsuSoft research teams have been waging a techno-industrial war since 2010 in an effort to create the first fully viable network agent that can survive and function in the chaos of NetTime. Highlights of this war have included industrial espionage, sabotage, kidnapping, and assassination of researchers rumored to be on the edge of key breakthroughs. Each company has created many different variations of prototype agents, but none survive long enough in NetTime to be marketable products.

Down in the Valley, 'grammer Qris is code*evolving a selfsim object he believes would allow fully viable agents one-tenth the size of those developed by PhiSony and MatsuSoft. Working on his own, Qris doesn't have the resources to turn his simmie into a product before the mega-companies either steal his idea, force-market limited use and potentially dangerous agents, or worse. On top of that, he has been picking up unnerving NetTime hints of the "erase your net tracks codster, and pull the socket in after you", kind. He is even beginning to imagine a KuzaKid hit pack with netBuks in their pockets (metaphorically) and his netID on their lips.

Enter Vee, head of the free-wheeling designer/programmer team QSLM (Quantum Self - Liquid Mind) based in the S'Cruz Freehaven. Vee is struggling for a way to break QSLM out of their codeblock and get their net agent development back on track. Their agent protos suffer the same fate (like being shredded) as those developed by PhiSony and MatsuSoft. It is beginning looking like they need a way brilliant piece of code or they will be at each other's throats.

Qris's simmie inspires the team to bond it with their agent prototype. Little do they know that the whole agent, is way more than the sum of its parts; it is breakthru tek on a scale even they can't imagine.

Is this what they used to call The Killer App?

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