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extragenic communication

he said at about 30,000 feet, somewhere over Utah, I think.

I asked him what he meant. He talked about self simulation and I pulled out a legal pad and started taking notes. He lectured me on the history of communication, beginning with the oral tradition, on through the origins of writing, the mail system of the Renaissance, Gutenberg, the invention of the telephone, TV, and on to extragenic communication and intelligent agents, visual language, and the dynamic self as a data structure.

We exist as waves of consciousness, I said. Waves on the sea of infinite potential, he said.

During these first few hours of our meeting, M.O. and I committed ourselves to a search for an escape from entropy.

On August 1, 1995, we were fortunate enough to find an access node into the future, where we witnessed the first meeting of two computer programmers, Vee and Qris.

"Is there even a place for carbon anymore?" were the first words we overheard Vee ask Qris. "We have to drag so much of the planet around with us wherever we go. It's unwieldy." Once again, I began to take notes.

Qris and Vee had figured out clever ways to extend themselves into time and space without having to carry around so much carbon information. The state of their silicon was pretty impressive.

We've been keeping a journal on their activities ever since. As we have time, we'll transcribe our notes and share them with you.

We have also put together a reference work, the Free Agent Glossary which we hope will help you understand the jabber of the year 2017.

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