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I first saw Vee in the selfpay line at the Santa Clara eTronix scanning her buy and eating a tomato like it was a piece of round red truth, found only in way cool sex or a deep net search when your data comes clean and free. I would never have said anything to her, being on and off net too often to know if my words would connect with anything in the moment, but I could tell she was wearing a Class 3CP in her hip pack by the liquid Nitrogen 'Cool Battery' sticking out one end venting warm air. I noticed this before any of the rest, like her breasts, lithe sprinters bod, and Joy Joy green eyes. I'm like that sometimes after being under for more that 36 hours. Priorities sorta screwed up, you know.

Any way, without any thinkthru I said yow, and that she must be really vex fast to be carrying that hardware. Without batting a lash, she smiled and said she normally used a 2 but her new team were all on 3's, and was I a 'grammer 'cause she, they, needed one really bad. Guess it wasn't so hard to tell that I was at least way warm, what with my screen shirt showing all the code objects I was workin' on jostling each other for my attention, overlayed by compile messages and random message allerts all vying with my 'shirtsaver' software for control of various portions of my torso. My eRevos were full VeeRee so I was looking at her, her tomato, her breasts, and that iced Class Three overlaid by the same raucous display screen playing across my shirt.

I couldn't quite jam it. She was vibein' serious interest and talking about contract work, or even better - possible team membership. I know how I could shred for the right motivation, but how could she know? And I was good looking I guess, in an awkward self conscious, geekster sort of way. <A HREF="fagloss.html#cruz">Cruz</A> careful, I thought as I reminded myself that I don't subscribe to that karma connection stuff, even though there seemed to be that sort of, 'somebody else on the cellphone too' connection between us. Sometimes I wish I would pay attention to me when I'm right.

"Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and the wetware as she pulled down my special menu and selected "Up Your Alley Codester'. As we completed our purchases we were booed and pushed out of our adjacent selfpay cubbies by impatient buyers and buoyed down the line and out the door by the constant flow of people. Outside she gave me what was left of her tomato, her domain name, and smirked as she dragged me off to a team meeting, me asking her where the salt was. While she drove I completed my final recode of a tight little protocol bridge for a car manufacturer that wanted to put their proprietary car net on the big net. Dull background work, but it just got me to a terrabyte.

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