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As I pull Qris out of the cab and onto a crowded bayTran car I tell him to be way warm and as dataful as he can at the team meeting. As quick as an assembly subroutine we plunge into the Saratoga tunnel and emerge out of the bottom of the electromagnetic ocean (Silicon Valley) into the S'Cruz freehaven. There were downtimes to having our studio out of the valley, mostly the dangers that come with a little anarchy, like no government, formal laws or enforcement, but the pos uptimes make it a total connect for our type. We have no taxes, free bootleg connect on the widest band pipes available, and access to any tek, wet or dry, legal or illegal. In short code, all the things we need to develop our 'ware.

We walk in and the team all gog-eyes Qris' screen shirt and we jabber him with some 'grammer jibes to see if he is in touch. I notice whenever he looks at me he has this quirky smile and a "stars-coming-at-you" look in his eyes. I have this real down-low tingle feeling that it's me warping him into hyperspace, but I also get the feeling that something else is connecting too. He gets serious and says that he has just what we needed to turn our A-Baby into a survivable A-Life agent and he pulls out what he calls a simmie; a selfsim object he has been code*evolving. We ask him a pile of questions about why he computes, that self simulation was connect or disconnect for making an effective agent. Without a blink Qris talks us down a thread of code efficiency and up one of recursive resonnances and natural selection. He explains that the two large ponderous agents developed by the Matsush and PhiSony mega kiretsus are barely useful because they don't survive long in NetTime; its a jungle in there. He says that his simmie bonded to any of our agent protos would make an A-Baby one tenth the size of those codeblimps. He says the low level code is this; small size with selfsim maintaining A-Life integrity compiles to NetTime survivability.

I begin to vibe that this could be a breakthru we way needed, because we've been peddling around Infinite Loop Drive with no off-ramps in sight for two weeks now. The other six still aren't so pos as me, so we ask him to bond his best simmie to one of our earlier prototypes. Qris does a quick connect to our localnet, makes the right code gestures to glue the simmie and A-Baby together and Rindee snatches it up and drops it into her A-Life torture test that is much more deadly a jungle than NetTime. The new A-Baby's score blows the toe-jacks off any of our proto's test scores. It is a JIT happening to the team and we can all feel that 'nervous not knowing quite what to do next' feeling begin to dissolve into one of 'lets break up the tasks and get code-rolling'. We offer him full partner with eighth share and a Class 3 CP for team rights to the simmie source. Qris says ok and joins Em, our legalguy, in NetTime and they zip off to the ipRegistry to record the rights assignment to the simmie tech. Qris was one of us.

Rindee starts to buzz about how we should run the new A-Baby against the AI Turing test too, but we say that has always been a code sucking hole that lots of Mips, Bips, and recently Tips had been poured down with out any repay to show, so we all stamp it manana and welcome our new partner in all of the outrageous ways we know how to do so well. Through the noise and squirted Pepsi I'm thinking that Rindy is always sort of 'tuitive in a strange way. Sometimes she gives way off answers that are often so way on for questions that we hadn't thought of yet.

We finally leave the team meeting and head back to the valley. With his casual touches, smiles and bedroom eyes as we shoot through the tunnel, Qris vibes definite interest; the wetware kind, so I cool his jets a little by asking him to meet me later in NetTime.

Truth is, all of his 'wares (particularly his buns) excite me, and before I get into any kind of I/O I need to interact with him in a less physical place. He smiles, sets a NetTime alarm and licks my cheek. Ok, a little unusual, but still in-line code. I get back to my apartment and tab a Green Alpha to increase my metab a little, and a coolBlu for a calm cool underlayer, washing them down with three week old VegJuice. I shrug off my overalls, flick the disso*Tab on my plastiskin tights all the while thinking about I/O with Qris. Then I think about how I shouldn't visualize Qris and me to much so I don't get fixed on something that may not compile. And as easy as that, he slides out to the edge of my thoughts and I know that its the CoolBlu kicking in. I turn the shower knob until the water throbs a hot heartbeat pulse and step in. My plastiskin tights dissolve off my body as the water first thrums across my throat and breasts and then my back as I turn. Images of Qris with and without his code dance back across my mind until the CoolBlu again stretches my focus as wide and tight as a infinite drum.


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